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Amateur Radio Repeaters in Dayton, OH

Please submit any corrections or additions by E-Mail. Thanks! For a list of 220 repeaters from W9SAM, click here! 6 meter List also!
You can reach me on any repeater in this color: ████. List last updated 11/1/2020.
LocationCall Output Freq. Input Freq. CTCSS (PL)/DCS Comments Sponsor
BellbrookW8DGN 147.045 MHz 147.645 MHz N/A System Fusion/Analog (RX PL of 118.8 to avoid System Fusion noise.) IRLP #4051, Echolink #353955 Bellbrook ARC
Dayton/MiamisburgW8BI 146.940 MHz 146.340 MHz PL 123.0 Hz   Dayton ARA
Dayton/ColumbusWC8OH 145.110 MHz 144.510 MHz PL 67.0 Hz Wide Coverage Area, Linked to 145.110- in Columbus, OH & 224.160- in Dayton.
W. Central OH ARA
Xenia/BellbrookW8XRN 147.165 MHz 147.765 MHz PL 123.0 Hz   Xenia Amateur Weather Net
BellbrookW8GCA 146.910 MHz 146.310 MHz N/A This repeater transmits a 131.8 PL, so you can activate receive PL if you have RF noise. Greene Co. ARES
Fairborn/BeavercreekK8FBN 145.410 MHz 144.810 MHz PL 118.8 Hz System Fusion/Analog (You can turn on receive PL of 118.8 to avoid System Fusion noise.) Upper Valley ARC
DaytonK8MCA 146.640 MHz 146.040 MHz PL 123.0 Hz Dayton Skywarn Severe WX Repeater Montgomery Co. ARES
SpringboroW8CYE 145.490 MHz 144.890 MHz PL 77.0 Hz Echolink Node #3273 Drake ARC
MiamisburgWA8PLZ 146.820 MHz 146.220 MHz PL 77.0 Hz Ohio District 3 ARES Net, Wednesday's 8 PM (Sometimes on WC8OH 145.110). Miamisburg Wireless Assn.
MiamisburgWA8PLZ 147.360 MHz 147.960 MHz Color Code 1 Full time DMR (K4USD/Brandmeister) Miamisburg Wireless Assn.
DaytonW8AK 146.985 MHz 146.385 MHz PL 123.0 Hz Linked to 442.925, IRLP #4523 W8AK
CentervilleWB8ART 145.430 MHz 144.830 MHz PL 88.5 Hz   Centerville ARS
WilmingtonWB8ZZR147.120 MHz147.720 MHzPL 123.0 HzSystem Fusion/Analog (You can turn on receive PL of 123.0 to avoid System Fusion noise.)Clinton Co. ARC
EatonK8YR145.470 MHz144.870 MHzPL 100.0 HzPreble Co. ARES/PARA
BellbrookW8DGN 443.675 MHz 448.675 MHz N/A System Fusion/Analog (You can turn on receive PL of 118.8 to avoid System Fusion noise.) Bellbrook ARC
Dayton/MiamisburgW8BI 442.100 MHz 447.100 MHz PL 123.0 Hz   Dayton ARA
BellbrookN8NQH 444.875 MHz 449.875 MHz Color Code 13
East Repeater/Bellbrook. Full time DMR. See Link for TG Details.
West DaytonN8NQH444.4375 MHz449.4375 MHzColor Code 11West Repeater/Dayton. Full time DMR. See Link for TG Details.N8NQH
MiamisburgWB8VSU 442.300 MHz 447.300 MHz PL 123.0 Hz IRLP #4235 WB8VSU
Xenia/BellbrookW8XRN 443.100 MHz 448.100 MHz PL 123.0 Hz System Fusion/Analog (Receive PL 123.0 to mute System Fusion noise). Xenia Amateur Weather Net
Huber Heights Rt. 40NO8I 442.950 MHz 447.950 MHz PL 118.8 Hz Echolink, Linked (at times) 224.300- 123.0 (NO8I) Huber Heights ARA
Huber Heights Rt. 40W8AK 442.925 MHz 447.925 MHz PL 123.0 Hz Linked to 146.985, IRLP #4523 W8AK
Fairborn/BeavercreekK8FBN 442.375 MHz 447.375 MHz PL 118.8 Hz System Fusion/Analog (You can turn on receive PL of 118.8 to avoid System Fusion noise.) Upper Valley ARC
DaytonK8MCA 444.250 MHz 449.250 MHz PL 123.0 Hz   Montgomery Co. ARES
Dayton, MVHK8MCA444.2125 MHz449.2125 MHzPL 123.0 HzMiami Valley HospitalMontgomery Co. ARES
Huber Heights Rt. 40W8AK 443.775 MHz 448.775 MHz NAC: 4CE
Full time P25.
GermantownWG8ARS443.1875 MHz448.1875 MHzPL 123.0 HzEcholinkGermantown Amateur Radio Society
WilmingtonK8IO443.375 MHz448.375 MHzPL 123.0 HzSystem Fusion/AnalogK8IO
442.725 MHz
447.725 MHz
System Fusion/Analog
Greene Co. ARES
FranklinWE8N442.425 MHz447.425 MHzPL 77.0 HzBEARS
BrookvilleKD8GRN443.225 MHz448.225 MHzN/AFull-time System Fusion to Ohio Link, Room # & YSF #40557Ohio Link Network
EatonK8YR442.900 MHz447.900 MHzPL 100.0 HzSystem Fusion/Analog (RX PL of 100.0 to mute digital noise).Preble Co. ARES/PARA
Western BeavercreekN8DCP 224.580 MHz 222.980 MHz N/A IRLP #8421 N8DCP
Huber Heights Rt. 40NO8I 224.300 MHz 222.700 MHz PL 123.0 Hz Linked (at times) 442.950+ 118.8 (NO8I); Allstar node #51490 Huber Heights ARA
Dayton/MiamisburgW8BI 223.940 MHz 222.340 MHz PL 123.0 Hz Echolink Dayton ARA
DaytonWC8OH 224.160 MHz 222.560 MHz PL 67.0 Hz Linked 145.110 (WC8OH) W. Central OH ARA
St. Paris/UrbanaWB8UCD224.600 MHz223.000 MHzPL 100.0 HzMon. Night 220 Net 9 PM WeeklyWB8UCD
West DaytonKB8CSL224.720 MHz223.120 MHzN/AEcholinkKB8CSL
SpringboroK8DZ 223.820 MHz 222.220 MHz PL 77.0 Hz Wide Area Footprint; Linked 223.860- 100.0 in Cable, OH (Champaign County) K8DZ
WilmingtonK8IO 224.080 MHz 222.480 MHz PL 123.0 Hz Linked 443.375+ 123.0 (K8IO) K8IO

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